Contribution Methods


Contributing to WAFUNIF

To be sure, there are acts of development and progress as well as of benevolence and sharing, on which WAFUNIF has all along been working. But, its focus has been on sharing, as this provides the broadest field of action and largest possibility of service. Its engagements have therefore been multifarious in scope and varied in nature. There have been several reasons for this. Firstly, the organization itself is dedicated to the underlain objectives, as veraciously worthwhile. Secondly, people in general have recognized their value, as contributory to peaceful and prosperous life on the planet. Lastly, as a matter of fact, sharing for noble causes is truly more desirable and satisfying. Accordingly, to keep all the doors open, details of wilful sharing criteria are hereunder provided:

Sharing by Patronage and Sponsorship

Sharing by patronage involves recognition of the organizations’ worthiness, by investing one’s prestige and position in its favor, as a mark of distinction. By far, this is the highest degree of contribution that an individual or institution can make, to uplift the image of the Association. Whereas WAFUNIF has all along been fortunate in amassing the most eminent laurels in the past, for its future enhancement, it continues to aspire for the best.

Sharing by sponsorship emanates from such acts of guardianship as to undertake or underwrite a piece of function, activity, or event on behalf of WAFUNIF. Again, even though casual, such gestures of benefaction and benevolence are mutually beneficial and satisfying. As such, so far as WAFUNIF is concerned, it is generally open to rightful gestures. Several crucial areas are sponsorship of Academic Events, Professional Events, Practical Events, Official Activities, Extra-official Activities and Other Activites.

Sharing by Time and Talent

Sharing may also come from the provision of time and talent, whereby individuals and institutions interact in an atmosphere of cooperation, enriching one another for noble causes. WAFUNIF has essentially thrived on the endowments of thought and vision, on which all the edifices of its deeds have been constructed, enabling it to march forward and upward. These emanated basically from the general participation, which fueled its imagination and commitment, for a better world. With such open invitations, WAFUNIF has continued getting strengths for its programs inter alia in Peace, Security, Development, Prosperity, Justice, Ecology, Environment, Sustainability and such other matters. In vocational terms, they may be Advisory, Consultative, Professional, Functional, Casual and the like.

Sharing by In-Kind Donations

While intrinsically in-kind donations are useful in themselves, they are more so when mutually beneficial and satisfying, in unloading the burdensome surpluses of one party for loading the other to fulfill its pressing needs. This furnishes a means of two-way convenience, in which individuals, businesses, and institutions all could indulge themselves at their own accord. Generally involving goods, services, operations, or events, they better serve when there is an appropriate match between the facilities provided and provisions needed. Accordingly, in their nature and scope, they differ from case to case and occasion to occasion. WAFUNIF has been lucky to have received benefits on all these counts.

Sharing by Gifts and Presents

Offer of gifts and presents has historically been a gracious tradition of goodwill. As a civilized mood of universal recognition, it carries with it the attributes of sublime expression, of which words are deficient to transpire. In appreciation of such a special value, WAFUNIF has subscribed to it as a means of sharing, by adopting criteria such as Planned Giving, Bequests (i.e., Gifts by Living Trusts, Will, Retirement Plans,  Life Insurance), Estate Gifts (ie. Gifts by Living Trusts, Will, Retirement Plans,  Life Insurance), Gifts in Partnership (i.e., Charitable Bargain Sales, Lead Trusts, Remainder Annuity Trusts, Remainder Unitrusts, Retained Life Estates), Outright Gifts (i.e., Gifts of Appreciated Securities, Real Estates, Business Interests, Partnership Interests, Personal Properties, Gifts of Sponsorships), and Endorsement Funds (i.e., Rammel Fund, Peace Messenger Fund, Operational Fund, Contingent Fund). Lastly, sharing is accepted in the field of travel and accomodation (e.g., donations of unused air miles, currencies, and coupons), which provides possibilities of unburdensome sharing.

Sharing by Money and Finance

According to one’s financial resourcefulness, parting with a facile portion of money may often be the easiest way of sharing. Besides, putting some money aside for worthy causes of the grantees, it also serves the donors both as a rewarding exercise and a tax deductible facility.